About Us

AUTO ALCHEMY are leading edge installers of high tech nano surface coatings for all automotive surfaces. With applications in Paint Protection, Fabric Protection, Leather Protection, Rubber and Plastic, Auto Alchemy are leading the way in Melbourne for bespoke Detailing services.

In Melbourne’s premiere workshop with full custom security system, four poster and pneumatic vehicle hoist, temperature controlled vacuum sealed storage unit, full rainwater system, custom lighting dome and presentation area, you can be assured that your valued investment is treated in the highest regard and security you can bank on.

With our increasingly busy lifestyles vehicle maintenance, even for those who enjoy a Saturday in the shed painstakingly cleaning their pride and joy are finding it difficult to do so, on top of that, given how delicate modern clear coats are and how susceptible they are to degrading very quickly, even well maintained cars become very average condition in a few short months, Our aim is to give you more time enjoying your vehicle, and less time and money going into maintaining it. With our innovative glass coatings you will save thousands annually on maintenance as well as more than half the time you previously spent caring for your vehicle. Additionally you will benefit from a higher resale value when it comes time to upgrade your vehicle.

If you are looking for the best possible treatment on your vehicle head over to the Contact Us for a detailed chat about your car.